PNCS is a rapidly growing IT services based company out of India providing unique solutions to build, integrate & customize web development, web design, custom application development, product development, rich internet applications and design/multimedia services across a broad spectrum of Industries across the globe.

We are providing cutting edge solutions to small, mid size to large cap companies. We produce customized software solutions to meet their requirements and to help such companies to crease out the impediments in running their operations.

We are committed to providing software and website solutions that are both simple and easy to use. Instead of creating fancy large programs that you need to spend hours to learn how to use (not to mention their price), our programs do exactly what they are intended to, without any confusing bells and whistles.

Our Company has an excellent blend of solid business domain understanding, technical expertise multiplied by deep knowledge of latest industry trends and technical innovations. We provide a quality driven approach towards web development and provide end-to-end customized solutions catering to the client’s requirements.

At PNCS we understand the needs of the client, we work together to exceed client expectations by consistently delivering service excellence through continual improvement in quality and speed of delivery. We will also work towards achieving consistent growth for each of the team members as well as the entire organization with the support of an empowered team. If you are interested in leveraging upon the best software or website to suit your requirements, we have innovative programs for you! PNCS ’s experience and knowledge ensures a competitive edge in the market.

"Our Professional Frame
We offer following business Frame to our clients depending upon kind and requirement, scope of project, Time frame, suitability of the Frame to the project specifics and time frames:

Fixed Cost : In this highly popular frame, the client pays a fixed cost per month depending upon the number of persons utilized in the project. The benefit of this model is that you get extensions to your office as the employees you hire work exclusively on your projects. Besides, this frame also offers competitive rates and guarantees full control over the entire process.

Time and Material Frame: In this Frame the client pays as per the time spent on the project, resources utilized, and the number of records/pages completed. It is usually utilized in projects where factors such as nature and scope of project, staff requirements and anticipated duration of the project are bound to change."